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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making Money

Today was great day for me and the kids. First thing (6:20 AM) we had a yard sale. I love Yard Sales because you get to get rid of a bunch of junk and make money. We were trying to raise some extra spending money for the kids for our beach trip.

The kids really got into making some extra dough and decided to have a lemonade stand. It was so much and such a great idea. At 7 AM it was already in the 80's. The kids were a HUGE hit with everyone who stopped by.

The whole yard sale was a BIG success and the kids have some spending money for put-put and ice cream.

When we got home we were exploring the yard and we found a jackpot. We found a huge blackberry patch that we didn't know was there. Now I can walk out my front door and eat blackberries! Yeah!

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Wolf said...

ahhh...we need to have a yard sale soooo badly! we are really hoping to have one this summer as we didn't have one last summer. good for you for getting it done!