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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast

Why do my kids all want to grow up so fast? Don't they understand that their Mom is not ready for that? My little princess and I went shopping this weekend and what do you think she was looking for? HIGH HEELS! What! My 4 year old wants high heels! She found some knee high boots at the Goodwill. She also got her hair cut so she would look more grown up.

Then yesterday I walked by the bathroom door and saw my son SHAVING! It was with real shaving cream but a fake plastic razor. It was so cute but made me stop and think. My little buddy will be going into 1st grade this fall. First grade is like REAL SCHOOL!

My big buddy has the same name as his cousin. We call my nephew Big Hunter and my son Little Hunter. Well Little Hunter decided he didn't want to be LITTLE any more. He said he was getting bigger (8) and was not little anymore. Which is true but he will always be my little baby. So his name has been changed to MY BIG BUDDY!

I am trying to cherish these summer days with my children. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with them. We have had some great adventures so far this summer and we have many more planned. But I will always remember the little things. The hugs I get first thing in the morning, when their hair is all messed up, and they are still half asleep. Or making pancakes for breakfast and putting chocolate chips and whip cream on them. And snuggling together in my bed hearing the kids read bedtime stories to me.


thatgirlblogs said...

gotta admit... she's workin' those boots!

visiting from SITS

Yaya said...

The nieghbor girl always struts to the bus stop in these ridiculous heels and she's in 6th grade!!!!