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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Featured Bogger

Yeah ME! I am the first ever featured Blogger at Infectious Chatter! How cool is that. I even won this really cool pic! I feel so honored. Check out Lizzie's blog. Its awesome! She said check back Monday for my special feature.

Just a quick update from yesterday. I can hardly move. My legs are killing me. I hope that means the workout is working. I wanted to give in today and say I couldn't workout because it hurt to move, but I didn't. I worked out again. I even went to a birthday party at the skating ring and skated for an hour. But it will all be worth it!


Lizzie said...

way to go! and yes, some hurting is good. but if you push yourself too far you can actually do damage. so sore from working out, good. sore and your limbs will fall off, bad.

and by the way, you SO deserve this award! wait till you see what i wrote about you (coming monday!)

Lizzie said...

hey, i just wrote a post ALL ABOUT YOU! and i am sending a MILLION people your way. so wasn't sure if you wanted to write something witty and profound :) ha ha. hope you have a wonderful week, and i hope you get 200 followers!

He And Me + 3 said...

Popping over from Lizzie's to say hi! Cute blog you have here. Congrats on being the featured blogger.

Yaya said...

Congrats on being featured at Lizzie's!