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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lazy Summer Days?

I don't know why but since school got out about a month ago we have been so busy. The bad thing is we really don't have anything scheduled. But we always seems to be on the move. I was really hoping that the summer would equal some slow down time. It has been the opposite.

Don't get me wrong. We have been having a great time. We have been to 3 different churches for vacation bible school. We spend a couple days at my sis-in-laws. And we have been to my parents for a couple days. We have had friends over and spend many, many hours in the pool. I guess I was just worried about hearing, "I'M BORED."

I started reading a book about 3 weeks ago and I am only half way done. I thought I would be catching up on my reading. But who needs books. I am making memories with my kids that will last a lifetime!

Next week we will be getting ready for a week long vacation at the beach. Why does it take a week to get ready and a week to recover from a trip like that?

I hope everyone else is having a fun filled SUMMER!

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Lizzie said...

well you know me, i have been in my summer "cave". ha ha! gad you are all having a wonderful summer. I am thinking next summer we all go camping at Santee again, regardless where we live we can still come out and play. see ya soon chicky poo