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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extra! Extra! Kent Loses First Tooth!

Yeah! Kent finally lost his first tooth! The tooth has been loose for about a week and everyday we would "wiggle it just a little bit. . . come on and wiggle it just a little bit." (OK sorry) Last night it was hanging on by a thread and he actually let me pull it out. He was so excited. Most of his friends from school had already lost a tooth and both his older brother and younger sister had had visits from the tooth fairy. (Rachel's were pulled but the tooth fairy still came) My little boy is growing up so fast. Sometimes I wish i could just bottle them up and keep them little. but at the same time it is so awesome to see them grow into little men and women. The tooth fairy at our house gives $1 per tooth. I have heard of some kids getting up to $20 a tooth. I think I got $1 for mine but who can remember back that far. Kent was very happy with his money and I think he's already got it spent! Congratulations Kent!

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Lizzie said...

woo hoo kent!!!!!