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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

I thought of the best April Fools Day joke to play on my kids. I woke them up this morning by running around the house shouting "It's Snowing! It's Snowing!" They all jumped out of bed faster than I have ever seen them and ran to the door. Threw open the curtains and saw . . . nothing! HA! HA! HA! APRIL FOOLS! Well the boys got mad and stomped off to their room and went back to bed. My daughter fell to the floor and started bawling. "MOM HOW COME YOU LIES TO ME!" sob sob "YOU TOLD US LYING IS BAD!" sob sob "I AM SO SAD THERE IS NO SNOW!" This went on for a good 5 minutes before I could calm her down and explain to her what April Fool's Day was. OOPS! I learned my lesson. I hope your April Fools Day is a little better than mine.

(PS We were wearing shorts yesterday. You would think they would no we didn't have snow!)


Lizzie said...

poor rach :( mean mommy!!!

just kidding :) you know i love you! I think it was a great april fools idea, maybe next time just do it on the boys.

mommy4life said...

Well, living in Kansas, (as I do), you find that it really can be 70 degrees one day (yesterday) and snow the next (today - no accumulation).