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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Ok Yesterday we had another birthday. Tuesday was my grandmother's 79th birthday. Once again Rachel and I drove over and had lunch in Cheraw. I am so glad that i live close enough to visit my grandparents often. The visit was a little strange this time. We started talking about my grandparents will. Then they decided to show me what is being left to me when they pass away. Whoa! Wait! You're not going to be there forever!It was interesting hearing all the stories behind some of her possesions but weird thinking that I'm only going to get them when my grandparents are not here. It was very sad. I would much rather have them. But I'm not going to think about that any more. I am just going to enjoy the time I have with them now and try to spend all the time with them that I can. I love you Grammy and Buddy!


Lizzie said...

yeah i had that conversation with my grandma... very weird. i am glad you all had a nice visit :) said...

Stopping from Ann's VGNO :) adorable kiddos :)